Monday, December 6, 2010

Thermo King honors C.R. England, Inc.

C.R. England, Inc. has done it again. This highly respected trucking industry’s refrigerated carrier is being awarded on December 7th at 12:30 for their continual efforts toward becoming a greener transportation leader. Thermo King will be presenting the award called the Thermo King Energy Efficiency Leader Award with community leaders in attendance. It is being awarded for their commitment to innovation and continued research in green transportation. Utah’s West Valley’s City Mayor, Mike Winder and Salt Lake County Mayor, Peter Corroon will be hosting guests to honor C.R. England, Inc. at the C.R. England Inc. Corporate Office in their Theatre at 12:00.

This leader in refrigerated trucking is receiving the honor for their Intermodal Division which is the TempStack container-on-flatcar (COFC). Built as a refrigerated container to be placed on a railroad flatcar, the TempStack easily transitions from railroad to trucks.

As the largest refrigerated transportation provider in the world, C.R. England is a part of a great partnership with the United States top railroads. Due to this relationship with the railroads, it has allowed a larger capacity of shipping across different and very important routes here in the United States. And because of this alliance, C.R. England, Inc. is a part of the developmental growth of the nation’s largest refrigerated intermodal container fleet.

If you are interested in driving for C.R. England, Inc., go to and fill out their online application or call 888-537-2995. Whether you are an experienced driver or someone interested in going to Truck Driving School, there is opportunity for you.

Friday, November 12, 2010

IRTA names Charles F Myers to Board

Check out this article found about C R England’s own employee, Charles Myers, named to the 2010 board of directors into the International Refrigerated Transportation Association”

“England Logistics
official joins IRTA
board of directors

Oct 12, 2010 10:19 AM

Charles F Myers, director of international business development at England Logistics, a wholly owned subsidiary of C R England, was named to the 2010 board of directors for the International Refrigerated Transportation Association (IRTA).

Myers is responsible for development of dry and cold chain logistics markets in nations outside of North America, with current emphasis on cold chain transportation in the People’s Republic of China. He has been involved in transportation since 1974 and is extensively published as a writer in the field. Myers has been active in the association’s international development projects, representing IRTA at the East African Community Ministerial Delegation Transportation Sector Policy Dialogue in Washington DC and as a presenter in China for the US Trade and Development Agency-sponsored Cold Chain Best Practices Seminar Series. He will serve a three-year term at his new post.

Founded in 1994, the IRTA’s membership includes individuals from companies actively engaged in refrigerated food logistics. Serving as a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, the IRTA and its board members provide accurate, timely data and protect the interests of members.

For more information visit

Friday, November 5, 2010

C.R. England, Inc.’s Regional Division is Growing published an article on 10/14/2010 called “C.R. England Expands regional Division to Chicago” which talked about how C.R. England, Inc. has “…expanded its Regional Division with the creation of a new service offering short haul transportation centered in the greater Chicagoland area.”

William Champine, Vice President Regional, for C.R. England, Inc. stated, “The expansion of our Regional Division allows us to break into a growing market and meet the demands of our customers in concentrated networks with shorter length of haul. We are also building a work life model which addresses driver needs for time at home and therefore brings more capacity into the market.”

The article goes on to explain C.R. England Inc.’s reason behind the Regional Division. It’s the fact that it “offers short haul transportation services that deliver increased capacity, surge capabilities and better, more reliable deliveries, as drivers are based locally and are familiar with the routes…”

Southern Chicago is the home to one of C.R. England’s locations, which has a full staff of employees with 50 trucks at this time and expanding to 100 trucks come January of 2011. Not only that, but the national company plans on using “day cabs and lightweight equipment”. This allows C.R. England to haul 50,000 lbs. worth of payloads.

According to the article, Southern California and Utah are hubs for C.R. England’s Western Region. C.R. England plans on growing to a total of five regional locations all throughout the United States. That’s great for the trend of drivers that want to be home more often then they used to be. C.R. England, Inc. understands the needs of the drivers and it shows through this Regional Division.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More Fuel Efficient Trucks in the Next Few Years

Today I was reading an article called “Government to propose truck fuel efficiency rules” in the website that was written by the Associated Press and I realized that this could be a good direction for trucks to be built.

The article talks about the Obama administration creating a new ruling for fuel efficiency that is going to affect the transportation industry.

The group called the Environmental Protection Agency and the Transportation Department are working together to create a more environmental friendly truck model beginning to be sold in 2014 up to 2018. Only medium and heavy-duty trucks are involved in this ruling from President Obama’s administration.

The plan from the White House wants a 20% cut in greenhouse gas emissions as well as fuel usage in long haul trucks. These include “bid rig tractor-trailers, vocational trucks such as garbage trucks and transit and school buses, and work trucks such as heavy-duty versions of the Ford F-Series, Dodge Ram and Chevrolet Silverado.”

The article never did tell their secret of how it is going to be done, except using the word “hybrid”. Hybrid gives one a thought of bio fuels and motors that can run the bio fuels.

Sure, there will be a higher cost in the front end of buying the new trucks, but the end results have several good financial as well as environmental repercussions. The vehicles, no matter what type, will cost a lot more but the fuel mileage will save money in the monthly overhead costs and the environment will have less pollution for our children to breathe in as well as the resources that will be needed.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

This CR England Driver is a Role Model

CR England, Inc. has an Independent Driver in their Horizon Lease program that has been with them since 1999. His name is Ben Besner and at age 41, he trains drivers to be successful like himself. In fact, the best thing he has ever experienced on the road is being a trainer. To see his students make it and become successful. He has wise advice for his trainees.

His first piece of advice is for new drivers not to panic. Panicking only brings on bad decisions with bad results in the end. Stay calm and think out solutions in a problem solving manner.

Ben’s second piece of advice for new drivers is to make good safe judgments. This, in a way, goes back to his first piece of advice. Making a good decision needs to be done under non-panic circumstances. When making decisions, think of the long term affects it will create.

And thirdly, the key to a job is looking ahead and planning the days and hours. What Ben is saying here is to have a plan before getting on the road. Driving from one load to another without a strategy is costly and drivers loose money and time. It’s a shame not more drivers have figured this out.

Ben is a role model to his trainees. His latest accomplishment is that of paying off his first truck. He achieved this by making a payment each week and making short goals instead of focusing solely on the long-term goals. He also ran a quite a lot of loads, building up a slush fund so as to have a back up plan.

This is just one of many great stories. If you or someone you know is looking to attend one of our truck driving schools please visit our website for more information.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Truck Safety Is Important to This Independent Contractor

Here is a great story that we thought was worth posting. It really touches on safe driving. Safe driving is a primary focus at CR England and a story like this is great to hear.

Russell Olson is an over the road driver for CR England and has been for 5 years. His biggest motivation right now is early retirement, which he knows he will have by running as an independent contractor through Horizon Truck Sales & Lease at CR England. It is going to take hard work, which is not a problem for Mr. Olson. As a man that drives a rotating shift and gets home around 5:30 or 6:00 AM in the morning, he is willing to do what it takes to succeed. Right now, he is actually looking to manage 3 trucks and with his energy and determination he’s going to get it soon.

As a fan of golf and boating to clear his mind, driving truck does the same thing for him. Truck driving is a good fit for Russell’s calm personality.

Successful drivers always have advice for new drivers and Russell is no different. He has three points to being a successful driver. First is to always search the horizon a quarter mile ahead for being proactive as to driving behavior. Second is to always error on the side of caution. Never assume all is well. And thirdly, never be in a hurry. Rushing will lead to safety concerns.

Russell Olson is a very safety oriented driver and understands that safety comes first. He is always concerned with other drivers on the road who don’t understand that a big rig does not have the stopping capabilities that small cars do. The fact that when a driver cuts in front of a tractor trailer, the tractor trailer can not slow down fast enough to compensate for the quick slowing down of the speed.

So follow some of Russell Olson's advice be safe out there.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

CR England Independent Contractor succeeds with balance in life

Frank, from Brighton, MI, has one major piece of success that he wants to share with new drivers: “Find a balance between driving and family if you are looking for longevity.” He realizes that too much of one hurts the other. Too much home time, and your business is hurt while to much work and your home time is hurt. To stay successful for a long time takes dedication, but balance.

As an Independent Contractor for CR England, Inc., Frank is like most people. And that is that money motivates him. He is close to retirement and wants to make sure he gets to enjoy it. He works hard and stays focused on his job. Running from early evening to sunlight, he knows that focus is the key word.

He is successful because of his determination. He wants to succeed. While he enjoys what he does for a living, he also realizes that it is a catalyst for his retirement. He has recently married and looks forward to living in the Philippines for 6 months and then living in the United States for 6 months each year. To do this, he needs to have a plan, just like on the road. The trip plan is what will get him the success to make the money. The more organized, the better the money will be.

When asked what experiences have affected him on the road, his answer is touching. “When I see other truckers be courteous and help out others with problems. It is heart warming to see truckers help on the road.” This kindness makes Frank a good driver as well as a good human being.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Successful Independent Contractor Who Wants to Share his Secret to Success

Paul Bass has been with CR England for 14 years and counting. He has just received his million miles on time service record certificate with CR England. He earned this through communication, good trip planning, being organized, working well with others, and his safe driving record.

As a successful independent contractor, Paul has a good sense of business. He feels successful at what he does and knows a few secrets of the trade that he is open to share with new drivers.

As a hard worker, Paul knows the importance of organization, good work ethics, working well with others, and safe driving habits. He knows that to be successful, a driver has to be pro-active and plan out the trip ahead of time. This gives the driver less wasted time on the road and more pay, due to a plan to be followed.

From Southern California, he enjoys riding his Harley Davidson and going to the beach. One of the many things that Paul likes is that he is able to see his almost 102-year-old Grandmother on a continuous basis because of his trips on the road. He also appreciates his financial freedom to do the many things he enjoys in his personal life from the income he receives as an independent contractor.

Advise for new drivers? He has plenty of good ideas. First and foremost, be honest. “Run your logs legal.” And “Develop good relationships with whoever you work with.” This includes OPS, payroll, your driver manger and even logs. And lastly, give driving a chance. Don’t quit before you began.

Congratulations Paul on your Million Miles achievement with CR England.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

England Logistics receives award from Food Logistics, Inc.

Congrats to England Logistics!

They just received an award for making a difference in the supply chain process. Receiving an award of a Top 85 3PL by Food Logistics, England Logistics is honored.

Food Logistics is a trade publication that solely focuses on the transportation, warehousing, IT, third-party, and refrigerated services for their news, trends, and best practices. Their main focus is to help suppliers, distributors, and retailers in finding good solutions in their field. had an article that quoted Katherine Doherty, who is the editor-in-chief of Food Logistics, on the following:

“Your leadership as a third-party logistics provider for the food, beverage and consumer packaged goods industries has made you stand out among your peers.”

England Logistics President, Josh England, accepted the award by responding:

“As a rapidly growing 3PL, England Logistics is honored to be recognized for what we do in each of these industry segments. England Logistics has historical roots in food supply chain dating back more than 90 years, but as we continue to grow and offer more and more solutions, we are well positioned to provide current and prospective customers, of all kinds, with truly first class transportation services.”

England Logistics, Inc. is one of the largest third-party logistics corporations in the world. In fact, they are the 13th largest as a non-asset based provider in the transportation industry. According to there website, their services include: “…full truckload sourcing, dry and temperature-controlled LTL and parcel, special projects engineering, global sourcing, complete supply chain engineering, and warehousing.”

For more information about their services, go to to find out more.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Lakeside Medical Clinic can now Test for Muscle Damage

C.R. England, Inc. formed a strategic alliance with Insight Diagnostics, Inc. This new relationship is great for truck drivers coming into C.R. England’s Truck Driving School in that it raises patient care to a new level at their clinic, Lakeside Clinic. Insight Diagnostics, Inc. has an FDA approved device called the Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment that evaluates soft tissue injuries. No more going off campus to test for muscle injury. Now, it can be done in the clinic.

If a driver comes into their clinic with a sprained ankle, the doctor uses the Electrodiagnostic Functional Assessment (EFA) to assess more accurately the damage to the tissue. Amazingly enough, the EFA can even help figure out the age of the injury, if it’s new or has become chronic.

According to Insight Diagnostics, Inc., President, Mary Reaston, PhD., here’s how it works:
“The EFA measures muscle activity and function at rest and during full range of motion to objectively determine the nature, acuity, and extent of an injury as well as the precise location and source of referred pain. This is important because it provides the blueprint to develop site specific treatment to return the injured worker to full duty and pre-injury status.”

Not just the drivers are lucky enough to have access to this machine, but also the corporate employees. With early diagnosis and treatment, injuries heal faster and employees can return to work sooner.

Insight Diagnostics, Inc.’s specialists are the reason for this breakthrough and C.R. England, Inc. is happy to bring this machine on board. The CR England medical clinic, Lakeside Medical, at the C.R. England’s Truck Driving School has an office right their on their premise for health care to drivers as well as employees of the corporate office.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Driver Success Story

Everyday it seems there are more and more success stories about lease drivers at C.R. England. One of these successful drivers is Ion I. Saluru. Ion is originally from Moldova, Europe but currently resides in Vancouver, Washington. He enjoys snowboarding, jet skiing, fishing and working. He says he can’t live with out his car, a beautiful 2000 BMW. Ion is 26 yeas old and has been with C.R. England for 2 ½ years where he has managed to pave his own career path. He truly enjoys working and feels lucky that he gets to do what he loves everyday.

A big event in Ion’s recent past was when he purchased his own truck. It was through hard work and dedication that he was able to accomplish this. Buying his own truck wasn’t an easy goal, Ion had to be focused on his work and do above what was required. Sacrifices were made such as waking up at 4 in the morning and performing at his best throughout the day. He believes that hard work is the key to success. He does all that he can to uphold a good reputation of hard working drivers. It annoys him when people create biased stereotypes about drivers like the fact that they don’t shower or wear clean clothes. He is determined to beat these assumptions and represent a dedicated driver ready to get out there and work.

For any new driver he would give the advice to just get out and work your hardest. Set a goal and do what it takes to obtain it. The most important thing is to be professional and have A LOT of patience. Ion practices what he preaches and exhibits great patience within his career. He has worked hard in the professional world and achieved his goal of purchasing his own truck. He provides a great of example of what can be accomplished when you set a goal and put your mind to it!

Friday, August 6, 2010

CR England CFO Named CFO of the Year

Every year business leaders through out Utah are recognized for their hard work and innovative ideas. The award of the 2010 CFO of the year was given to a handful of deserving recipients this past June. Among those recipients was Keith Wallace, CFO of C.R. England, Inc. Wallace has worked as the company’s financial adviser since 1997 and has contributed to the growth of the company in countless ways. Dean England, the CFO of the company, attributes much of the companies success to Wallace and the work that he has done throughout his years at CR England. In a time of financial crisis and rising gas prices Wallace has brought insight that has helped England to grow into a $1 billion dollar business. When talking about Wallace’s contributions to the company Dean England said, “His resume of experience and his continued leadership is an important reason for the financial success of one of the nation’s largest global transportation providers.”

A CFO in today’s financial world needs to take on a communicative leadership role in providing firm financial guidance. Keith Wallace does just that. He has been able to merge his technical knowledge with a background in business to provide quality leadership and guidance for the company. Wallace has investigated several changes to the operations of the CR England such as tractor leasing for owner operators, creating a logistics division, and building transportation services into Mexico and Canada. All of these contributions and more have helped pave the way as the company begins to look into expanding to China.

A dependant CFO is a necessity for the success of a company. Keith Wallace has provided that dependence for CR England. He has put in hard work that has secured the bright financial future of the company. In Keith’s own words, a good CEO is one that honest and offers full disclosure at all times. Congratulations to Keith Wallace for his title of 2010 CFO of the Year.

New Logo for CR England

CR England is moving full force into the future as they implement changes to the company’s 90-year-old brand and logo. In June of 2010 a company-wide meeting was held to announce the remodeling of the logo. The commonly recognized family crest has evolved into a stronger symbol of the now stronger company. As CR England begins to branch out to the global transportation community changes have been made to portray the exponential growth of the business. Dean England, CEO of CR England, spoke of the logo as “a beautiful symbol that powerfully represents the core of who we are and what we do.” Without departing from the traditional family crest that was used by the founder of over 90 years ago, the new brand is simply an updated version of the old one. Through some research it was found that many people outside of the company view CR England as financially strong but generally only recognize them as a refrigerator carrier. This new brand is just a part of the improvements to change that perception. As CR England evolves onto a global scale it is becoming much more than just a trucking company.

The process of changing a logo is a long and complicated one. It takes careful thought and consideration to make the smooth transition a successful one. There must be a careful examination of business strategy so that an appropriate brand can be selected to accurately represent the company to the public. An evolution as apposed to a revolution is needed when redesigning a brand. Work with what you have and make improvements instead of starting from scratch. CR England did just that as they stuck with their traditional logo but made slight changes to bring it into the 21st century. England is taking great strides to educate those inside and outside of the company on the new changes and are fully committed to the new look of their growing business.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Million Miler Club Awards Drivers

CR England has a driver who has 3 million miles under his wheels. Receiving the 3 Million Mile Award, Lolohea Toko received a plaque and tokens of appreciation from CR England. Micheal Richards received his 2 Million Mile Award, also receiving a plaque and tokens of appreciation. Drivers who receive the Million Mile Award are profiled in the CR England monthly newsletter “The Roundtable” and in the monthly safety meetings, they are recognized.

Lolohea Toko – 3 million miles
During his 20 years as a truck driver with C.R. England, Lolohea has driven more than three million miles. Born and raised on the island of Tonga, Lolohea moved to America when he was 19 years old. He and his wife Vasimata have nine children and four grandchildren. Lolohea enjoys spending time with his family, camping, traveling, and participating in church activities. He attributes his truck driving success to always completing a trip plan before each load. Lolohea encourages other drivers to always double check equipment and their surroundings.

Michael Richards – 2 million miles
Michael has been a truck driver with C.R. England for 15 years. He was born in Trinidad, grew up in Brooklyn, New York and now lives in Salt Lake City, Utah. Micheal has six children whose ages range from four to 22. He enjoys target shooting and riding his motor bike. Michael encourages other drivers to follow all of the C.R. England safety rules.

Awards like these say a lot about CR England and their drivers. In fact, their drivers are top quality exceeding Trucking Company competition. Congratulations to Lolohea Toko and Michael Richards for being top mileage drivers.

Drivers like these are in high demand. If you know someone, or even yourself, that might be interested in truck driving, contact CREngland@

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Work Hard, Save Your Money, Stick To Your Plan

Joe DeGodoi is one of those guys that give truck driving a good name. He is a hard working driver that believes in making a plan and sticking to it. Joe has been working for C.R. England for a year and a half where he has loved the opportunity to grow and learn as a professional truck driver. He starts his day off by waking up 30 minutes before each drive and preparing to do his best work. He is always determined to set goals and do everything he can to achieve them. Through all of his hard work Joe enjoys going cycling and fly-fishing to relax. He loves the outdoors and enjoys being physically active even while on the road. When asked what the most annoying thing that people assume about drivers is he said that some just assume that they aren’t professional. He has taken it upon himself to change that perception of truck drivers. He is determined to do his best as a professional in the field. His biggest accomplishment as of late is paying off and purchasing his truck making him one of the newest owner operators for C.R. England. He says that he got to this point by making a plan and working hard to achieve his goals. Joe has been described in the past as a hard working, intelligent and mature individual. He serves as a great example of a driver who takes charge and works hard to get what he wants. We can all learn from his example and take note of his successful work ethic. So listen up all of you working drivers out there because Joe’s advice to anyone looking for success in the field is to work hard, save your money and stick to your plan. What a great guy!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Sunflower Seeds for Truck Drivers

When preparing to go on a long drive the first thing I grab, is a big old bag of sunflower seeds. There’s nothing better then the wide-open road and the taste of a salty sunflower seed rolling around in your mouth. But when I went to buy my trusty bag I was bombarded with dozens of choices. A sunflower seed is just a sunflower seed.. right? Wrong! There is so much to consider when selecting your road-side snack that the information can be overwhelming.

First to consider is the flavor. Who would have known that you could have more then one flavor of sunflower seeds. Among the choices I found original, bar-b-q, jalapeno, nacho cheese, ranch, chili lime and even dill pickle. There are also healthier choices such as reduced sodium seeds. While deciding what flavor you want may be a tough decision it is comforting to know that there are choices to please all types of taste buds and moods.

Not only do sunflower seeds make a great traveling treat they have several health benefits as well. They are rich in sources of important nutrients and are very beneficial for growth, development and a healthy life. They also provide a good source of dietary fiber, protein and carbohydrates.

Although health benefits are important to the selection of your sunflower seeds, it all comes down to taste. After reading several reviews online and comparing the facts it seems that one brand of seeds stands above the rest. The leading seeds on the market today are “David’s” seeds with several flavors, sizes and options.

So no matter what flavor or brand you choose grab a bag of nutritious sunflower seeds to keep you busy on the road. It is the best snack for Truck Drivers looking for a little something to eat.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Business Plans Means More Money In The End

Having a Business Plan can make a difference between success and loss of income for any company. Truck Drivers need a Business Plan just as much as the corporations you know down the street. The reason is in the plan.

The Business Plan gives you a map to follow. Creating the Business Plan gives you the idea of where you want to go. Decisions are made with the idea of your Business Plan in mind and this helps in gaining the income you planned. Working as a Truck Driver without a business plan and you are taking the risk of making bad decisions, hurting your income. Stress creeps into the picture because of un-organization and confusion as to why you are working so hard and making so little money.

Even a simple Business Plan can help keep you stay focused on your goals. When creating a plan for the road, compare it to your business plan and make sure it takes you where you want to go. Always make decisions with your Business Plan in mind.

A budget is part of a Business Plan. This is very important so that money is available for moments such as repairs or unexpected tolls. Create an annual expense list for each item that will or even might happen. This way you, as a driver, can budget monthly to be prepared.

Another good perk of having a Business Plan is budgeting for food and entertainment. It helps many realize how much money is going out of frivolous items that you could actually live without. This saves you a lot of money for other priorities in your life. All in all, budgets keep surprise costs from becoming a catastrophe. Less financial surprises mean fewer frustrations.

Keep the Business Plan in mind for scheduling and finances and your life will be more successful in more ways than one.

Benefits of Drinking Water vs. Caffeine

Did you know that caffeine consumed at unhealthy amounts can cause anxiety, headaches, irritability, restlessness, muscle tremors, sleep disturbances and abnormal heart rhythm? The list of harmful effects goes on and on.

As truck drivers it is easy to grab a quick soda, coffee or energy drinks to get that extra energy boost while on the road. Did you know that there is a better option? Why not choose a drink that gives you natural, long-lasting energy and makes you healthier in almost every way? So what is this powerful beverage… you guessed it, water!

As America’s consumption of soda and coffee increases each year less and less people are drinking their needed amount of water. Sure the sugary taste of pop is satisfying but think about the long-term effects. Unhealthy consumptions of caffeine can lead to serious medical issues. While drinking a can of cola may not kill you, it does put you at risk for things such as anxiety, exhaustion, dehydration and high blood sugar. Is the short boost of energy really worth it?

Another thing to consider is the addictive qualities of caffeine. In an article from CNN Judy Fortin talks about how people have become “dependant” on their caffeinated drink. Simply missing that daily soda or coffee has caused some people to complain of headaches, fatigue and inability to focus and concentrate. Withdrawal symptoms such as these start to show up when caffeine is consumed on a regular basis.

On the opposite end, drinking water can benefit us is almost every way. Water is an essential component of our bodies so it makes sense that drinking more of it can only help. Some motivating benefits of drinking water are weight lose, better productivity, less likely to get sick, it relieves fatigue, reduces risk of cancer and helps your skin look younger and healthier.

As a truck driver these benefits hit close to home. While the job requires you to sit for long periods of time truck drivers are at risk for certain medical problems such as poor circulation, obesity, and heart issues. Drinking water regularly can help with all of these.

So why not do yourself a favor? Drop the addictive caffeine drinks and benefit your body by drinking a nice glass of water instead. It’s cheap, accessible and will help you live a longer, healthier and happier life.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

8 To 5 is Not in a Truck Drivers Vocabulary

It seems like most people work in an office at a desk and have set hours Monday – Friday. When running into people at my pub or church, that’s what they do. It is very uncommon for people to have jobs that allow for travel and hours of your choosing. Trucking Jobs give people that are free spirits the ability to make money and travel at the same time. Drivers have a flexible life unlike those who work 8-5. I see why so many people would want to choose this lifestyle.

There are a lot of people that just burn out from working in an office setting. Transitioning over to trucking is popular for those tired employees that need escape from their humdrum life. The flexibility of driving a truck for a living allows these drivers to schedule their trip for what’s best for him; not what makes his boss more money. They get to see the country, take up photography if they choose, and make a good living that is probably equivalent to what they were making before since Truck Drivers usually make about $40,000 yearly in the beginning.

To get started, Truck Driving Schools are simple to sign up for. Bigger companies like CR England Inc. actually hires students immediately from their Truck Driving School. If you are accepted to the school (which is most likely), you automatically have a job at graduation. It really makes the transition from desk to truck faster and simpler. Unlike pounding the pavement, looking for a job and settling for less because too many people want what you want.

So, if you are a free spirit like a lot of people who want to choose their life destination, this might be a good fit for you. CR England Trucking School might be a good start for your new world. Go to to apply.

CR England Cares About the Environment

CR England Green Trucking Jobs

CR England Green Trucking Jobs

Did you know that CR England is a SmartWay Excellence Award Winner? When I learned this, I was excited that a trucking company was environmentally friendly. When thinking about trucking companies and environmentally friendly, people don’t usually think of those two phrases to fit together.

So, those who drive for CR England have the satisfaction that they are working for a company that cares about the environment. Those who are choosing a trucking school and company to work with can know that they are helping the planet by working for someone who cares.

The reason for the award was CR England’s conscious effort of conserving energy and thereby lowering the green house gases. The Director of Fuel, Mitch England, stated “SmartWaySM has been a valuable and important resource for us. Through this partnership we have realized our goal of improving the environment through decreasing fuel consumption, improving efficiency, and saving money… We would encourage all those in the transportation industry to consider joining SmartWay.”

I was excited to hear how they did it. They reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 544,160 tons and then saved 49,023,390 gallons of fuel by putting into action a fuel savings policy. Ideas like lowering the maximum speed and idle times on trucks, as well as taking advantage of new technologies that lowers deadhead and miles that are off the route. They even added aerodynamic gear to their trailers and tractors to save on the fuel.

If you are interested in working for such an environmentally friendly trucking company, go to and apply. You would be working for a company that hasn’t lain off a truck driver since day one of business, 90 years ago. They care about the environment and their drivers.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Team Truck Driving Might Be Right For You

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sleep Depravation and Weight Gain

I’ve never met a girl friend yet who doesn’t worry about gaining weight. I’m learning that sleep is vital to help us keep off the pounds. Who would of thought? Sleep is something most of us struggle with. Balancing life, family, and our own personal time is impossible on most days. quoted a study that shows that the less you sleep, the more you are prone to gain weight. In fact, look at their findings in 60,000 women tested:

  • Sleeping five hours or less a night raised the risk of obesity by 15 percent.
  • Sleeping six hours a night raised the risk of obesity by 6 percent.
  • Sleeping more than seven hours a night did not raise the risk of obesity.

And Glamour Magazine says that over two-dozen studies prove enough sleep helps in weight loss. In fact, they go on to mention that lack of sleep affects our hormones, which controls our appetite, our food cravings and our metabolism. This is important stuff! This research explains a lot to me. I’m tired; I eat. I’m tired; and I don’t feel like doing anything but watching TV. I’m tired; so don’t get between me and my bag of salty deep-fried potato chips!

This is not good for those of us that do not get enough sleep. When sleeping in the cab (if your a Truck Driver) while our team member drives, we have that road vibration keeping us awake. We sleep in a twin bed in our cab and our partner snores. What to do… Find a mattress that works well for you. I like good back support, especially after a long day. Maybe a white noise sound in the background might help. My favorite is misty rain with soft waves in the background.


Great News! Roads Are Becoming Safer

I have great news! Late last month, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) was told by a bunch of different truck driving companies as well and the American Trucking Associations (ATA), that the new rulings set in 2005, on hours-of-service, is helping the accident numbers to go down. In fact, it looks like we are at our best numbers ever for lowest fatality rates. I would call that a successful decision made for safety, wouldn’t you agree? According to, The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) showed some amazing statistics:
• 2007 – truck-involved fatality rate was at 2.12 for every 100 million miles.
• 2008 – truck-involved fatality rate went down 12.3% to 1.86 for every 100 million miles.
Since this law went into affect 5 years ago, truck-involved injury has dropped 25%, and truck-involved fatalities have dropped 22%! Even better statistics, is that deaths and accidents have dropped 66% since first being recorded in 1975. This is enough to convince me that this law was a great decision.
Sleep apnea, fatigue, too many hours on the road, and other issues related to falling asleep at the wheel, are problems that are being worked on by different organizations and they are making a difference. With more and more research-taking place, we are finding ways to make our roads safer. Not only are fatigue issues being investigated, but also distractions such as smart phones usage while behind the wheel. We are so lucky to have research-taking place on safety while driving on the highway.
As a Woman in Trucking, it’s good to know that we have ways to make it safer for others on the road by following the guidelines set to protect us. We may loose a little cash, but it is worth it to save lives. Truck Driving Jobs are becoming safer and safer and driving along side commercial trucks are becoming less dangerous too!

Exercise Helps Truck Drivers

Sitting is part of Truck Driving Job. This can make you gain weight and raise stress levels if not balanced with activity. There was an article in the “Driver Health” magazine on just this subject called Mental breaks. The author brought up a great point about the extra stress a truck driver has that those with other jobs don’t have. He made the point that if a driver makes one mistake, they could end their profession or “end a life.” He went on about how time is money and home time is limited adding to the list of the need for exercise. The article also mentioned how the economy has affected pay, creating more stress.

For Jeff, the author, he likes to run to get away from truck driving and get refreshed before coming back to it the next day. It’s a great article that gives one man’s way of staying healthy and how to relieve stress.

The next two pages of the magazine show two exercises to get started on being healthy and then a road map on how to start. These are two very excellent articles. I liked the No excuses article for the game plan:

“1. Make a plan

Sit down and write out what exactly it is you want to achieve. The goal could range from weight loss to building strength and endurance, or even relieve depression.

2. Set a goal

Now that you have your goal, write down the steps you are going to take to get there. It’s impossible to reach that higher level without taking one step at a time.

3. Get started

Begin your workout routine slowly; two to three times a week is great. Your workout should consist of strength training and cardiovascular exercise.

4. Stay motivated

The key to long-term success and being healthy is knowing how to motivate yourself over and over again. If you do the same thing, you will stay the same. Adding a little spice into your routine is the first thing that should be done. Always change your exercises every six-to-eight weeks. Your muscles will adapt to a certain repetitive motion and will not change anymore. Not only do you muscles need to be shocked again, but learning new exercises helps prevent boredom from setting in.”

As they say, “Without a plan, there is no attack.” I think this is a great magazine with good information for truckers.

Driver Health, Volume 2, Number 2, Jeff Clark, Mental Breaks, pg. 31

Driver Health, Volume 2, Number 2, Bob Perry, On-the-road exercises No. 1 of 4, pg. 32

Driver Health, Volume 2, Number 2, Bob Perry, No excuses: how to exercise on the road, pg. 33

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