Wednesday, February 20, 2008

CDL Class A

The school is an advanced course, fast paced, and pushes your abilities to succeed. The teachers are good and fun to work with and you meet some good people and after 2 weeks I have my CDL Class A.

Jayson McElhaney
West Saint Paul, MN

Instructors gave me confidence

My experience with CR England was a good one for getting me in th frame of mind for what I was about to do. From the training process to management was a good experience for me.
The trainers and teachers took time to help me through the rough times and give me confidence to excel and I want to thank them for that.

Kent Hill
Hazel Crest, IL

Best Classmates

I had a really great time here at C.R. England. What really made it great was the staff was willing to take the time to explain everything to you. I would also like to say that my classmates were the best, if anyone had problems one of us was there to help.

John Kirsch
Baldwin, MI

Drive Life

DRIVE LIFE: Life is what happens to you while you are busy making other plans. Accept what you can and can't control and you will learn how to LIVE! CR England gave me this opportunity. How I "Drive Life!"

Joseph Clements
Crest Hill, IL

Learned about myself

My time at C.R. England school was great. I learn a lot about myself and that I can so what it takes to learn the the classes was good they teached me what I needed to do when I get out on the Road of Life.

Edgar Seda
Zion Grove, PA

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

New Friends in Truck Driver Training

I came to CR England for a CDL and a job, but I got so much more. I got to meet some of the best people, all the instructors were great. All the people in the class worked together and I will never forget the time we spent together. Me and some of the other students got to be really close. I will never forget the last 2 weeks.

Rose Johnson
Kokomo, Indiana

Truck Driver Training changed my life

I have wanted to drive a tractor trailer for a long time now, and since I haven't been able to work because of my health due to asthma CR England gave me the chance to get my life back together and get off disability and to change my whole world and aspect on life and also give me self respect plus makes me feel like I can do anything again. All I can say is is thank you and the instructors at CR England with much gratitude and great great thanks.

Charles Peden
Norfolk, VA

Truck Driving School Experience

My experience here at the Burns Harbor, Indiana school was a fast paced, intense 2 and a half weeks. I learned a lot about driving and being safe... I will recommend this company to others.

Thomas Ballard
Toledo, OH

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Premier Truck Driving School

I am a student at CR England's Premier Truck Driving School in Burns harbor, Indiana. I found the school to be informative. The instructors were very professional and were polite and answered all questions. I especially want to praise our driving instructor John Renfroe, he was really helpful and guided us through certain aspects of my driving which I was finding difficult. He was respectful and very patient. All in all the school is a really good facility.

Anthony Robinson
Homosassa, FL

Thursday, January 24, 2008

CR England Student Blog

Russell Moffatt of San Fransisco, CA

It's been 30+ years since I've been in a class room. The England School has been a tough but exciting experience. I feel as if I'm ready to be a safe profitable driver.

Russell is a student at CR England's Premier Truck Driving School in Salt Lake City, UT

CR England Student Blog

Charles Mason, Sr. of Flint, MI

Drive is the key to succeed at C.R. England's Truck Driving School. Staying focused and keeping a positive mind will help you in your transition. For me everything was new, choosing this new career in a business I knew nothing about. The information the instructors provided gave one the insight needed to learn more than I thought possible in a short amount of time but I still leave feeling confident and ready for the real world of truck driving.

Charles is student at CR England's Premier Truck Driving School in Burns Harbor, IN

CR England Student Blog

Stravo Lukos of Atkinson, NH

I can in no way fault the excellent training that has taken place in this accelerated course. Not only have I passed all exams and received my CDL on schedule, but I've learned basic principles that I doubt I'll ever forget.
Thanks for the wonderful opportunity to enter this exploding career.

Stravos Lukos is a student at CR England's Premier Truck Driving School in Salt Lake City, UT

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

CR England Student Blog

Kenneth Martin, Jr. of North Salem, NH

I have had a great experience with this company. My trainer was knowledgeable and I learned a lot in a few short days. She was calm and on top of things during training. Potential Employees need to be honest when filling out the application. CR England does an extensive background test.

Kenneth is a student at CR England's Premier Truck Driving School in Burns Harbor, IN